Il Rosso e Il Blu

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Il Rosso e Il Blu (The Red and the Blue) is a movie based around a school of struggling teenagers and burnt out teachers. The movie is situated around three different plot lines all converging on this one Italian School. The first is an older teacher (Roberto Herlitzka) that has lost his passion for teaching and life itself. The second follows the story of an unlikely friendship between the principal (Margherita Buy) and a boy who is ill and has also been abandoned by his mother. The last plot line is about an upbeat substitute teacher (Riccardo Scamarcio) who has a passion for his subject and his students attendance.

Where is “Il Rosso e Il Blu” located at La Biblioteca?
-Zone 2 DVD case (Red)
-Drama (Italian cinema section)

Other details:
-97 minutes long
-Italian and English subtitles

Also contains: backstage extras, trailer, photo gallery and directors notes

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