Guido: Story of an Italian Immigrant

Guido: Story of an Italian Immigrant

by Rita Amabili


Available in Italian & English!!

Life is hard, work is scarce and wages are poor during the early decades of the 20th century in Le Marches’ countryside.

To escape a life of poverty, Guido immigrates to Canada at the age of thirteen. Rita Amabili-Rivet tells the story of her father from 1912 to present-day. This is the story of Guido Amabili, but it is also the story of all immigrants who left their homes behind to start life anew in unknown lands.

Mistrust, difficulties, hardships, injustice, racism, and then finally the smile, hospitality and a new feeling that blossoms; The love for their new homeland without losing the memory of the earth and affections they left.

“In my son, you will live forever”


Written by an accomplished Italian-Canadian author, Rita shares her family’s experience in a beautiful novel.

Written by Samantha Laura Garofalo
Member of Il Biblioteca, Il Museo
Emerging Museum Professional
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