Il Poeta – Dante

November 28th, 2013

Il Poeta

                                                   “From a little spark may burst a flame” - Dante

Portrait of Dante Alighieri by Sandro Botticelli, 1495
Currently located in a private collection

“From a little spark may burst a flame”Dante

Dante degli Alighieri recognized the need for a new literature and unified language that extended past the limits of Latin during the 13th century.

Known by names such as, Il Sommo Poeta and Father of the Italian Language, his works have been honored for centuries after his death.

Written nearly 700 years ago his poetry continues to compel modern ears.

Check out Il Biblioteca’s various versions of Dante’s poetry, as well as other similarly appealing reads…

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This dramatic fiction is rated almost 4/5 stars on!

A series of grisly murders rocks the streets of nineteenth-century Boston. In a terror-stricken city can a band of bookish gentlemen outwit a crafty killer?

Fun Fact!

The French nicknamed Italian language,

‘la langue de Dante’


Filled with pictures, young readers are taken on Dante’s exciting imaginary journey, meeting the souls of those who sinned in life

“In the middle of the journey, of our life I came to myself, within a dark wood where, the straight way was lost.”

– Dante

Written by Samantha Laura Garofalo
Member of Il Biblioteca, Il Museo
Emerging Museum Professional
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