Travel Tuesdays: La Basilicata

The region of Basilicata in Italy forms the instep of the Italian “boot.” Embedded between Apulia and Calabria, Basilicata features a territory that is mainly montainous, but the region features beautiful beaches on the Thyrrenian Sea. The region is divided in two provinces, Matera and Potenza.

The Sassi di Matera is the most visited site in the region. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Matera features 7,000-year-old cave dwellings, which have been lived in and still house residents, restaurants, hotels, and shops.

Metaponto, Santa Maria d’Anglona, Policoro. The Ancient Greek city of Metaponto was one of the most important Greek settlements in the West; though its site is ruinous the museum display charts most of its history. Isolated in countryside, Santa Maria d’Anglona is a lovely church rich in late 12th-century frescoes.  The Museo Archeologico della Siritide in Policoro which has exhibits from the former Greek colonies of Siris and Heraclea is certainly worth a visit.

Maratea - PanoramaLovers of natural beauty will find 32 km of coastline and national parks in Maratea, watched over by the second largest statue of Christ in the world. The region also offers no less than 44 churches and various historical sites.

This region features lots of hidden gems, so when visiting Basilicata take your time to explore, get lost, and enjoy the beauty of this land and its culture.

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