Travel Tuesdays: La Campania

The region Campania located in southern Italy. Its Capital and most renown city is Naples, but the richness of this region is spread as well across its minor cities and its beautiful coastline. With many traces left by the Greeks, the Romans and later the Spanish, the region Campania is a region with plenty of history to discover.

Naples is of course a must see, with Castel dell’Ovo,  Plebiscito Square, S. Francesco church, the Royal Palace, San Carlo Theatre, Galleria Umberto and the New Castle which offers a beautiful view of the Bay of Naples.

Pompei and Paestum are the most importan archaeological sites of the region. Pompei is an incredible site, where you can really understand how the Romans lived. While you’re in Naples you can easily plan a day trip to Pompei, and you won’t regret it. In Paestum you’ll find the remains of a Greek temple and the related museum, which hosts all the Greek atrefacts that were discovered in that area.

The Amalfi Coast, with its towns like Positano, Ravello, Sorrento and, of course, Amalfi, is a beautiful area but it can be really busy especially in summer.

reggia_di_casertaThe city of Caserta, will surprise you with the richness of its Royal Palace. Built in the second half of the Eightheenth Century and designed to be similar to Versaille, the royal Palace of Caserta is a beautiful example of Baroque art, featuring beautiful gardens and fountains.

You’ll be delighted to discover the incredible variety of delicious foods that Campania has to offer, so don’t stick with pizza (which can be tempting), and enjoy!

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