Travel Tuesdays: Il Lazio

Lazio is a region of central Italy bordered by the Tyrrhenian Sea, crossed by the Tiber River and mainly characterized by hills and mountains, while it slopes down near the coast. Rome is the capital of this Region and of all Italy, as well as the political centre of two different countries, Italy and the Vatican City.

Your first step in this region will be probably Rome. This unique city, with its 2.600.000 citizens is the biggest city of the region and of the Italian country. It boasts a great artistic patrimony and superb monuments like Colosseum, Piazza di Spagna, Fontana di Trevi and the Vatican city with the magnificent San Pietro cathedral and the Vatican Museums.

Civita di BagnoregioThe region has many other places to discover. In northern Lazio, for example, next to the Tuscan and Umbrian borders, visit the the Tuscia Viterbese area, around the city of Viterbo. Viterbo is also known as “the city of Popes”, for its constant presence of many popes in the past centuries, visit its Catherdral along with Palazzo dei Papi (residence for the popes since 1255)  Palazzo dei Priori, and the art gallery  at Palazzo del PodestàCivita di Bagnoregio, also called the “dying city” for its scarce number of inhabitants, is a beautiful small town that overlooks all the Tiber Vally from the top of a hill, and the view itself is worth the visit. Other surrounding towns are Bolsena, with the Monaldeschi Castle and the Cathedral of Santa Cristina; Acquapendente and the nearby village Torre Alfina with the majestic castle; and also Tuscania, Tarquinia and Vulcano where you’ll find several archaeological sites with evidence of Etruscan and Roman civilizations. ciociaria area (south of Rome) is perfect to explore the typical foods of the region and to relax. This area includes the town of Frosinone and its surroundings. Don’t miss the city of Fiuggi with its famous modern thermal baths; Alatri and its imposing acropolis and megalithic walls; and Anagni, to discover the ancient art of engraving.

The typical dishes of this area include  garlic omelettes, made only in the springtime because the garlic must be absolutely fresh; pancotto, a soup made with stale bread; bean and onion soup; and all the lamb-based dishes (lamb offal, sweetbreads with prosciutto, pajata made with lamb intestines, and so on); “maccaruni,” thick tagliolini dressed with chicken giblet sauce; “agnellone garofolato“, which is lamb cooked in a pan with various herbs and lard. Ricotta cheese is the main ingredient for desserts, like the ricotta pudding, flavoured with lemon, cinnamon, rum, and candied orange.

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