Travel Tuesdays: Il Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Friuli–Venezia Giulia is Italy’s most North-Eastern region; It borders with Austria (North), Slovenia (East). Adriatic Sea (South)and Veneto region (west). The great variety of landscapes includes the mountain of the Eastern Dolomites, the impressive Carso plateau, and a diverse coastline.

This region brings together two historical regions: the Friuli, and a small portion of Venezia Giulia (known in English also as Julian March). Both areas preserved their own identity, and this union resulted in an incredible rich culture and variety of traditions.

The beautiful Trieste Canale!Let’s start this tour from Trieste, the capital of the region. The city lies on the Gulf of Trieste and is surrounded by the Kras Plateau. Historically dominated by the Hasburg Empire (it became Italian 1919), the city preserved many beautiful neoclassical buildings. A visit should be paid to the Castello di Miramare (that hosts the history museum), one of the few examples in Europe of historical house that preserved almost entirely its original furniture. With its wide park and the beautiful view on the gulf, it’s the perfect destination for a day trip.

showreel1Gorizia, is a nice city bordering Slovenia. Its main attraction is the medieval castle, but the city has many more surprises for those who take the chance to discover it: here you’ll find an harmonious miscellany of medieval, baroque and nineteenth-century buildings.

**CONTEST** , Italy, the Black and the White, Foresta millenaria di Tarvisio,  since year 1007 AD, For my dear Friend T. L. of Ukraine :)Finally, explore the interesting natural areas of this land. If you visit the little town of Tarvisio, in the North-East, you’ll be able to enjoy the stunning mountains and visit the foresta millenaria, with its 1000 years old trees.

If you’re not going to Friuli-Venezia Giulia but you want to know more about it, consider coming to La Biblioteca! some Italian famous authors like Saba, Sgorlon, and Svevo have settled their stories in this area: you’ll be fascinated by their stories and delighted by their writing style.

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