Travel Tuesdays: Trentino Alto Adige

Trentino Alto Adige is located in the North-East of Italy, at the southern border of the Austrian Tirol. Trentino Alto Adige is an autonomous region  which is divided into two provinces— Trento,  the Italian-speaking part and Bolzano (also called Bozen), the German-speaking part. The region was part of Austria-Hungary until its annexation by Italy in 1919. The region is crisscrossed by numerous rivers and has almost 300 lakes. Trentino Alto Adige is ideal for those who love winter sports, while in summer, its mountains and paths offer a perfect scenery for climbing and trekking.

What should you visit then?

Trento, also known as the “painted city”, offers many beautiful buildings within its compact historical center. The city can also be the starting point to visit the surrounding valleys: Val di Fassa, Val di Fiemme and Val di Non which run between the Dolomites, where you can find modern tourist villages surrounded by amazing landscapes.

File:Panorama di trento.jpg

You shouldn’t skip Merano, located just a few miles south of the Austrian border. Enjoy a day at its famous thermal baths or visit Castel Trauttmansdorff (and its well known gardens), a mid-19th-century castle where Empress Sissi stayed while taking the waters at Merano.

giardino botanico di castel Trauttmansdorff a Merano

If you visit Bolzano, take a map for a walking tour at the city tourist office, you’ll see the famous Romanesque Gothic cathedral dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption; The Museum of Archeology, where you’ll be able to see Otzi Iceman; several castles and palaces.

Bozen Zentrum Bolzano Centro

Trentino Alto Adige is famous for its Grappa (a vodka-like traditional Italian drink) and wines like Merlot, Moscato, Pinot Nero and Pinot Grigio. About typical foods, you should try: speck (Tyrol smoked ham); for salami, kaminwurz is very tasty; with typical cheeses represented by grana trentin, toma di montagna and casolet cheeses. Everyone knows polenta, prepared with corn meal or buckwheat, and served with a meat, cheese or mushroom sauce.

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