Travel Tuesdays: La Valle d’Aosta – Aosta Valley

The Aosta Valley is a small Italian region – the smallest and least populated in the country – situated to the northern edge of Piedmont and in the North-West of Italy, with France to the west and Switzerland to the north. Due to this position,  most of the region’s inhabitants speak both Italian and French fluently. In Aosta Valley you can find around 100 medieval castles, towers and fortresses, which over the centuries became Renaissance dwellings, or Romanesque and Baroque churches. Moreover, it is in this region that the first national park of Italy was created, to protect the rich biodiversity of its environment. Here are some destinations you shouldn’t miss if you’re planning to visit the area:

Forte di Bard: rebuilt in 1800 by the Savoy family and recently restored, today hosts also different art exhibitions. Visit also the Fenis Castle, a medieval building and one of the most famous tourist attractions not far from Aosta city.

Fénis - La maestosità del castello di Fenis

Gran Paradiso National Park: plan to spend some time in this beautiful park, to discover the particular flora and fauna of this area and enjoy breathtaking views.

Aosta: also called “Rome of the Alps”, its beauty is in its diverse buildings. Start a walking tour from the Stone Bridge, and then continue to see the Roman theatre and the amphitheatre. This will allow you to see also the elegant city centre. Feeling a little hungry after all this walking around? Then stop in a local restaurant and have one of the typical soups, a delicious costoletta alla valdostana (veal chop stuffed with cheese and ham), or a special caffè valdostano.

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